GameChanger Law Advisors (GLA) has been serving as the retained legal counsel for a disruptive data start up (“Client”).

The Client is a disruptive data start-up which deploys artificial intelligence to automate parts of the workflow, and helps businesses crowdsource operational tasks from a smart mobile workforce (college students, young professionals, housewives, etc.), thereby replicating business process using automation and humans together.

How has this relationship grown?

We have been associated with the Client since the inception of the business idea. As the Client’s business has grown in terms of size and complexity, we have been called upon to assist the Client in negotiating large customer agreements with large MNC’s and international businesses.

We have also helped the Client in structuring its website and mobile application terms of service and privacy policies, agreements with vendors and partners, and its Human Resources policies. We have also provided strategic dispute resolution advice to the Client.

Our attorneys have been working with all senior level management of the Client from the time of its incorporation.

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