January 20-22, 2017

Amrut Joshi conducted a three day Certificate Course on Gaming Laws at the Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), in collaboration with the GNLU Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law (GCSEL).

The course entailed a study of

(i) The fundamental principles of gaming laws in India;

(ii) A study of all landmark High Court and Supreme Court of India judgments on different aspects of gaming laws (including the laws pertaining to public gambling, lotteries, betting on horse-racing and cricket and recent laws pertaining to online gambling);

(iii) A study of the regulatory framework concerning casino gambling in the US; and

(iv) The philosophy underlying the regulation of different forms of betting and gambling in the US and UK, as gleaned from different statutes and judicial precedents in those jurisdictions.

The course was attended by 20 students from GNLU and other universities across India.