November 24, 2017

Amrut Joshi spoke at Unconvention Speaker Series-Bengaluru, a platform created by Villgro, which nurtures social enterprises all over India. The topic for the event was “Intellectual Property Rights and its importance for Social Enterprises”.

Priya Sampath and Abhimanyu Baheti rendered valuable assistance by creating the slides that were utilized for the purposes of this Event.

Some of the main issues addressed during the event were

  • Explaining the different types of intellectual property (IP) that can typically be created by entrepreneurs/startups;
  • Explaining the different forms of protection that is afforded by the laws for different kinds of IP, including Copyrights, Patents, Trade Marks and Trade Secrets;
  • Explaining (with illustrations and case law) the legal criteria that need to be satisfied by an entrepreneur/startup to obtain IPR protection;
  • Explaining how and why IPR is important for social enterprises specifically;
  • Explaining whether social enterprises could leverage IPR protection to obtain a competitive advantage in their respective industries; and
  • Analyzing whether the current regime for IPR protection would push social enterprises to opt for “Open Source” business models.