Villgro Unconvention- 2019

GameChanger Law Advisors were the official ‘Legal Compliance Partners’ for Villgro Unconvention- 2019. On the first day of Unconvention, the team of Amrut Joshi, Mahit Anand, Priya Sampath, Abhay Upadhyay, and Atulaa Krishnamurthy conducted a Masterclass on the Personal Data Protection Bill for Villgro Innovation Foundation’s incubatees. The incubatees comprised of startups from the health-tech- agri-tech, and the ed-tech space. The Masterclass discussed extremely important concepts under the Personal Data Protection Bill and the impact it would have on social enterprises once it becomes a law of the land. Special emphasis was laid by the team on the concept of “privacy by design” and “data processing” with the help of illustrative case studies.

Additionally, the team also had a booth setup for both the days of Unconvention, 2019 to display the content that we created during the course of the year on issues impacting social enterprises.

About Villgro Innovations Foundation: Villgro Innovation Foundation is India’s oldest incubator which focuses on incubating early-stage, innovative businesses and has since its inception incubated over 200 businesses.


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