October 25, 2017

Amrut Joshi spoke at the Unconvention Speaker Series-Hyderabad, a platform which nurtures social enterprises all over India.  Namrata Bhagwatula rendered valuable assistance by creating the slides that were utilized for the purposes of this Event.

The topic for the event was “Corporate Governance for Startups”. Some of the main issues touched upon during the event are

(a) Why should startups care about good corporate governance;

(b) What are the critical governance mechanisms that a startup must put in place;

(c) What are the key governance matters that a startup must be aware of;

(d) Why is it important for startups to conduct board and shareholder meetings as per requirements of the Companies Act, 2013?;

(e) What are the fiduciary responsibilities of Directors and Shareholders?;

(f) What are the statutory obligations of “key managerial personnel” such as the CEO/CFO?;

(g) What are related party transactions? How can such transactions be structured in a legally compliant manner?; and

(h)Why it is important for startups to maintain secretarial hygiene- minutes of meetings, maintenance of statutory registers, filings with the Registrar of Companies etc?