GameChanger Conversations #1: In Conversation with Srikrishna Murthy, CEO, Sattva Consulting

GameChanger Conversations is our new platform through which we aim to foster a vigorous debate on contemporary issues in law and business.

In the first of our conversations,  watch Srikrishna S. Murthy, Founder and CEO, Sattva Consulting, a leading impact consulting firm in India discuss amongst other issues, the CSR Law and its evolution over the last 5 years, the state of the impact investment ecosystem in India, the role that legal, financial and tax instruments can play in shaping the impact ecosystem and the role of lawyers in this exciting industry!

For the benefit of our viewers, we have also split the full video into 5 distinct parts.

Part 1 (0:00- 09:50) – We introduce the Guest Panelist, Mr. Srikrishna S. Murthy, Founder and CEO, Sattva Consulting and trace the origins of Sattva;

Part 2 (09:52 – 22:20) – Krishna shares his perspectives on how India’s Companies Act, 2013 has helped shape the Corporate Social Responsibility landscape in India;

Part 3 (22:21 – 28:59) – Krishna talks about the current state of impact investing in India;

Part 4 (29:00 – 42:07) – Amrut and Krishna debate the apparent dichotomy between impact and profitability. They explore whether impact and profitability can go hand in hand and the role that legal, financial, and tax instruments can play in resolving such dichotomy; and

Part 5 ( 42:08 – 46:22) –  In the concluding part of the video, Krishna advocates a more proactive role for lawyers within the social impact ecosystem. He also outlines his thoughts on the big ideas that can shape the discourse in the social impact industry in the next 5 years.




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