GameChanger Conversations #2 – Role of Social Media in Ensuring Free and Fair Elections

The 2nd edition of GameChanger Conversations is brought to you from Bali, where Amrut Joshi and Prantik Mazumdar, Managing Partner of Happy Marketer, Asia’s leading digital marketing agency, discuss the role social media plays in ensuring free and fair elections.

For the benefit of our users, we have split the video into 2 parts.

Part 1 – In this part, Amrut and Prantik discuss the draft intermediary guidelines published by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in late 2018 and how these guidelines may impact social/digital media’s influence in the forthcoming general elections in India.

Part 2 – In this part, Prantik throws light on how advertisements and campaigns are run on social media, and Amrut and Prantik discuss “online speech” as well as how social/digital media may regulate such content.

We hope you find this video interesting and as always, please do share your feedback with us.


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