GAIL Mainstage: How to be an Impact Lawyer: Stories from Around the World

We are happy to announce that our Partner, Samheeta Rao, has been invited to speak at the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL) Mid-Year Global Event (held from 26– 29 September 2022). The event focuses on ‘The Role of Lawyers in a Just Transition’ and thereby explores the roles that lawyers can play in facilitating a just transition and moving towards a new economic paradigm.

Samheeta will be speaking at their Global Mainstage Event, “How to be an Impact Lawyer: Stories from Around the World” on September 27, 2022, at 6:45PM (IST). She will be a part of an esteemed panel of impact law leaders from Gail’s membership, including speakers from USA, Argentina, Uruguay, India, Pakistan and Australia who shall discuss the role of an impact lawyer and what does it mean to practice impact law.

If you are interested to know about impact law and would like to understand several aspects of practicing impact law in India and across jurisdictions, then you may register for the event at the link provided below.

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