Welcome to GameChanger Blogs!

Our vision is for “GameChanger Blogs” to be a platform that showcases great, original, creative and/or analytical content on contemporary legal issues.

Through this platform, we also intend to keep readers updated about (a) the latest developments/news concerning different areas of law; (b) the latest developments/news concerning policies/regulations that affect the different industries that we operate in; and (c) the work that is being done by GLA and our Team Members.  

This platform will also be the site for our experiments with multiple formats in which content can be presented. Presentations, Q&A sessions, podcasts, long-form blogs, short-form blogs and/or infographics are some of the formats that we will be experimenting with.

Our blogs will be posted in date order, with the most recent blogs appearing right at the top of this page.

We would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback that readers may have. We request readers to write to the respective author(s) of the blogposts, with a promise that all questions shall be answered at the earliest possible instance.