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Moonlighting – Black, White or Blue?


Safe and Harassment Free Environment: Is it still relevant when employees work from home?

Masterclass SM LinkedIn

Event Alert: Employment Law Masterclass + AMA


Employers obligations in the era of COVID-19


Adapting to WFH in the Year of COVID-19


Paid sick leave increased in Karnataka on account of COVID-19


Should I or shouldn’t I… blow the whistle on workplace harassment

Supreme Court

Does the Labour Court have authority to order investigations into a Labour Dispute – Supreme Court decides


California passes landmark bill to treat workers of mobile application-based companies as employees. Will India follow suit?

Supreme Court

Can Directors be held liable for Crimes Committed by the Company or Its Employees? – Supreme Court

Bombay HC

Termination of service is necessary for forfeiture of gratuity by employer – Bombay HC


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