We live in a “digital world”. Organizations can create, derive and maximize value in the digital economy only when they are willing to deploy innovative strategies and tools to protect their intellectual property (IP) and exploit innovative opportunities that are presented by the ownership of such IP. Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks are merely different forms of IP that are utilized by organizations to obtain and preserve their competitive advantage.

Copyrights: Our team is equipped to apply copyright law to various industries. In the past few years, we have advised publishers of online magazines, books, music and films, online education startups, investors in sports rights companies, and technology companies of various hues, in developing different forms of copyright protection and monetization strategies.

Trademarks: We are also equipped to advise Clients on different brand protection and management strategies, including registration of trademarks, structuring of trademark licensing agreements and advising them on enforcement strategies where their rights have been infringed on.

We currently do not have in-house expertise on patent filing and prosecution. However, on an as-needed basis, we are happy to refer Clients with patenting requirements to specialist patent attorneys/law firms with whom we have cultivated strong relationships.

We regularly assist Clients on different intellectual property issues, including:

  • Registration of Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Structuring of Copyright Licensing and Trademark Licensing Agreements
  • Structuring of Revenue Sharing Agreements
  • Structuring of Royalty Agreements
  • Structuring of Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies (which factor in different intellectual property rights legislation)
  • Intellectual Property issues in Software Development and Licensing Agreements
  • Intellectual Property issues in Brand Endorsement and Sponsorship Agreements
  • Protection of Confidential Information through Non-Disclosure Agreements and Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements
  • Conduct of Copyright and Trademark Audits as part of Legal Due Diligence Exercises, conducted on behalf of Venture Capital Funds

To know more about our experience and expertise in this area, please e-mail Amrut Joshi at amrut@gamechangerlaw.com or Aditya Shamlal at aditya@gamechangerlaw.com.